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I'm Mike aka Sprunk/Goblin Warlock. Only started the lock in the latter part of WoD. My other toons are Mozo/DK, Dyoji/Priest and Jutzu/Pally. I have a few other alts I've leveled up to 100 during the Invasions/Bonus XP month before Legion release.
I've been playing WoW since retail and started on Uther realm. First guild was with 'Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles'. Time on WoW has been on/off depending on RL commitments. My gameplay has always been casual, was never a hardcore raider. I get a kick out of battlegrounds except when people start a turtle, then I'm outta there.
WoW has been the only MMORPG i've gotten into. My preferences have always been FPS. Quake, QTA, Rail mods, Unreal Tournament, original CoD and the MOH and Battlefield series.

I live in Hawaii. Surfing, paddling, fishing and diving are what I enjoy doing with family and friends.
Instagram: @kukbox
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