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Guildie Introductions

[Pinned] Guild Information and Rules

The Old Timers Café will provide a laidback and friendly environment for players to enjoy raiding, dungeons, questing, crafting, and battle pets. We will accept people who are leveling and provide advice. The officers of this guild have been playi...
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Guildie Introductions

[Pinned] About the Guild...

At The Old Timers Cafe we want to get to know the players behind the toons and make friends!OTC welcomes social players, returning, new, and altoholics. We offer: friendship, social engagement, a place to hang out and play, raiding, dungeons, and...
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Guildie Introductions


Aloha. I'm Mike aka Sprunk/Goblin Warlock. Only started the lock in the latter part of WoD. My other toons are Mozo/DK, Dyoji/Priest and Jutzu/Pally. I have a few other alts I've leveled up to 100 during the Invasions/Bonus XP month before ...
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Guildie Introductions


Hello everyone, I'm Zanah, or as they call me in the real world, Tara. I play an Undead Demonology Warlock as my main, but also have a very soft spot for Priest healing. I have hung up my hardcore raiding hat, and these days enjoy leveling my 'arm...
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Guildie Introductions


Hey guys,I'm James aka Londore aka Mael, I currently play a Guardian Druid. I strictly play tank classes, whatever the flavor of the month is for raiding I will be on that. I've been classified as a hardcore raider by many and enjoy leading/shoutc...
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Guildie Introductions


I want to thank you for the guild invite.My name is Amy, I am a stay at home mom. My husband and I run a concrete construction company out of our home (fascinating stuff that concrete), which allows me to further my wow career...err.....spend qua...
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Guildie Introductions

Paulette aka the Battle Axe

Hello All:My name is Paulette and I am married to Alex. We each have 12 level 100 characters in the guild. I have been playing MMO's since 1998 and started my first guild on Ultima Online called the Northern Rangers of Honour. Alex and I have r...
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Guildie Introductions


Hi :) I'm kind of new around these parts and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I tagged along on your recent highmaul run on wednesday evening, and it was so much fun, I'm considering switching servers :) I work pretty much every other day exc...
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Guildie Introductions


I am Protocol of Lightbringer, I have mostly played Alliance since vanilla. I just started playing horde here lately (so many trolls on Lightbringer) I ran a raiding guild pre cata, played solo after that. I have all classes to 100 (A) hunter sham...
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Guildie Introductions


Hey all,This is Healligator, aka Nancy or Gator or any of the above. I last really played in 2012, raided data with the guild and got busy with other things and WoW fell by the wayside. I returned Jan 2016 and having fun again with a great laid ...
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Guildie Introductions


Hello, my name is Isaac and I play the Druid Pyc. Recently came back to WoW after a long hiatus since the vanilla days. I enjoy doing pretty much everything in game, and am always up for helping out or goofing off with whatever. PvP has been my ma...
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Guildie Introductions

Canuk / Durlian

My name is David (Danger-Mouse in TS). I am one of those dirty casuals...I do like to run stuff, mostly 5-mans, but just for fun /achieves. Got burned out on pugs in WOTLK. Been around since vanilla, so Old Timer applies in that regard also.Live i...
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Guildie Introductions


Hi guys, my name is Jack aka Moovin. I am a resto druid going all the way back to Vanilla. I do boomkin offspec, but only because Blizzard practically forces a DPS offspec for things like Tanaan jungle dailies. If it were up to me, I would have...
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Guildie Introductions

SUP!! Im Dante and my lady SammiCupCake

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Guildie Introductions

Hello, I'm Jenkaya aka Jen

I am Cathy have played wow for a long time on the horde side. I am enjoying the guild so far and look forward to meeting others in the guild. I love running instances, old and new raids and hanging out on ts. I really want to run with others a...
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Guildie Introductions


Hey all, name is Chris and I am the Tree. The one that wipes the raids.I enjoy tanking, healing, dps and Teabaging dead guildies. Currently going through some career changes due the the economy issues in Canada. I have a 2 year old daughter that d...
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