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The Old Timers Cafe Sept. 2016

Damselfli / Sep 07, 2016
The Old Timers Café will provide a laidback and friendly environment for players to enjoy raiding, dungeons, questing, crafting, and battle pets. We will accept people who are leveling and provide advice.

The officers of this guild have been playing MMOs such as WOW for years and have enough knowledge of the game mechanics to be of assistance and to create a great guild.

The main goal of the guild will be to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can form friendships and treat each other with respect. There will be no pressure to hardcore raid, but we will raid. There are 700+ characters in the guild.

Real life will always is always more important.

The Old Timers Café does have TeamSpeak and everyone will be encouraged to use it. We will always keep it fun.

If you are interested in being a part of this guild, please contact a member or sign up in guild requests in game.

The Old Timers Rules:
No ninjas.
No drama llamas.
No begging for runs or money.
No taking stuff from the bank to sell or give to your other characters not in this guild.
Mature (not R rated, nor childish) guild chat.
Treat others with respect, even if they aren't in our guild.
People who rage quit or are removed cannot return to the guild.


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